~ Open Your Heart Meditation CDs ~

Cornelia's invitation to all women : Slow down, breathe deeply, smile & open your heart...
 {Life will be sweeter AND you'll get more done!}

Meditation CD for Brides
 "How to keep your heart open and your mind clear during the swirl of wedding planning….as well as for your life 'after the wedding.'  Here's something to help return to the intimacy of your love."

Meditation CD for Women
"A perfect gift for bridal attendants, moms and friends. Something for all women at any time! Here's a way to have a little reverie of 'soothing stillness time'.…a womanly ritual for deep relaxation."

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         A Calm, Relaxed Bride-to-Be? No, it's Not an Oxymoron!

            This unique CD— OPEN YOUR HEART Meditations for Brides—is designed to bring soothing ease into the life of a busy, multi-tasking bride-to-be.
           The CD of two guided meditations and one guided relaxation exercise (created and read by Cornelia Powell along with some of her charming wedding folklore, all to the background of soothing original music) is for every on-the-go bride. Listening to the calming CD is a little refreshment of ease for "on the verge" brides, "Zen" brides, and everyone in-between!
           Cornelia, a bridal historian and wedding entrepreneur, created OPEN YOUR HEART Meditations for Brides to bring a relaxing introspection into a bride’s life during the dizzying swirl of planning a wedding. (What a wonderful gift to take into her life "after the wedding!")  And Cornelia created an OPEN YOUR HEART Meditation CD for All Women as the perfect gift a bride can share with her mother, attendants and friends (or for a busy mother-of-the-bride to give herself!) It's a relaxation treat for any woman to ease her frenetic world.)
              Through her experiences working with thousands of brides for over 30 years, Cornelia has become the spokesperson for intimate weddings of the heart, bringing more ease and awareness into the lives of all women. Known as the bride's sage and a wedding folklorist, Cornelia draws the best from the past and creates a “modern mythology” for today’s bride in her book, The Bride's Ritual Guide: Look Inside To Find Yourself, magazine articles and lectures, as well as in her innovative Letters To A Bride blog. 

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